Education - Internal Factors for DEA and Social Class + Key Concepts and Individuals involved

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1. What is the correct definition of a 'pupil subculture?'

  • A group of people who all talk similarly and have the same hobbies and interests
  • A pupil subculture is a group of pupils who share similar values and behaviour patterns
  • A group of students who become friends because they all dislike education and school
  • A group of students who are friends
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2. What sociologist carried out an interactionist study on labelling?

  • Rostenthal + Jacobson
  • Gillborn + Youdell
  • Becker
  • Rist

3. What sociologist suggests that there are other responses instead of a subculture?

  • Lacey
  • John Furlong
  • Peter Woods
  • Becker

4. How does a pupil subculture form?

  • They form when students want them too, they do not happen naturally
  • They form when students realise who they like and do not like
  • It is usually the response of students who have been labelled and in particular as a reaction to the process of streaming
  • Students that have not been labelled or streamed form subculture to not feel left out

5. What sociologist studied an American Kindergarten?

  • Rist
  • Gillborn + Youdell
  • Becker
  • Rostenthal + Jacobson


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