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1. Who says that in quasi-markets 'providers have a freedom to act and to innovate in a way that other models do not allow, especially models that involve targets and performance management'?

  • James
  • Le Grand
  • Tilley
  • Marshall
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2. Who distinguishes between S-type (selection: cream-skimming) and E-type (efficiency improvement) competition?

  • Glennerster
  • Levacic
  • Mattei

3. Who finds that competition between schools (5 or more perceived competitors) has a positive impact on examination results?

  • Glennerster
  • Levacic
  • Rutter

4. Who finds that in the 1960s and 1970s non-selective education did raise educational outcomes for the average and below average income child?

  • Hanushek
  • Glennerster and Low
  • Rutter et al.

5. Which of the following is not one of the Coalition government's five pillars for education?

  • teachers as leaders (performance based pay)
  • academies introduced
  • schools should be self-improving
  • increasing rigour of the curriculum
  • social services linked more closely to education
  • character and resilience of education - clearer links between ed and the labour market


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