EDiv's death and Riii's usurpation

Who was Gloucetser tutor in 1461?
Earl of Warwick, as Ediv owed him for his success
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What year did Ediv secretly marry Elizabeth Woodville?
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Why did this cause problems throughout Ediv's reign?
As there was rumours which suggested that Ediv has a pre contracted marriage to Lady Eleanor Butler
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What was the reason for the Warwick rebellion in 1469?
One reason was due to Ediv not consulting him about his secrect marriage to Elizabeth woodville, as it embarrassed him
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Who helped Ediv regain his title as king in 1471?
Gloucester helped the Ediv, as he had the knowledge of Warwick's fighting methods. This led to him being promoted to Lieutenant in the north
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In 1482 what did Ediv trust Gloucester to do?
He led an expedition into Scotland and captured Edinburgh on this own.
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What did Ediv do in his final days which was to cause fractions after his death?
He amended his will, the details unknown, however,it is suggested that he put Gloucester as Prince Ed's protector
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What month and year did EDiv deid?
April, 1483
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On his death who had an advantage for power?
The woodvilles had a strategic advantage as Queen liz was in London, Earl of River was with Prince Ed, and Marquis of Dorset in tower of London, as constable of England.
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Although Richard was less places, who did he have on his side to help?
Lord Hastings, and Duke of Buckingham, two great magnates, and they were both enemies of the Woodville family.
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Why were the Woodvilles unliked by many?
As they were seen as social climbers (resented by many of the nobility). The family also appeared unpleasant.
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What did Gloucester fear would prevent him from being protector of Ediv?
As he feared that Prince Ed was more Woodville, as for most of his life he had been brought up by member's of the Woodville family, this means it would influence him when he was King, take Gloucesters power from him
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Where was Prince Ed when he heard the news of his father, and how long did it take him to leave for London?
He was at Ludow Castle, with Earl of Rivers, and it took the 10 days to leave for long. This suggests that Woodville family did not feel immediate pressure to reach London
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Who traveled to London with the King?
Earl of Rivers, and Gloucester
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What happened on the 30th of April 1483?
Gloucester and Duke of Buckingham agreed to take action against the Woodvilles
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The next day who else did Gloucester arrest as well as Earl of Rivers?
Vaughan, Hawte, and Grey
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This caused panic within London and Elizabeth fled to sanctuary where?
Westminister Abbey
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What did Gloucester come into London with the King and the counsel confirmed him as Protector?
4 May 1483
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Why did Lord Hastings become weary of Gloucester?
As he rewarded Buckingham well and treated Queen Elizabeth awfully.
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What is an example of one of Buckinghams reward?
He has powers in western countries, and the welsh marches, as well as being able to raise troops in 5 western countries
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Hastings started to distrust Gloucester and called a counsel with which men?
Rotherham, Archbishop of York, John Morton and Bishop of Ely, Lord Stanly.
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June 1483 Gloucester called a counsel as he was convince Hastings was scheming against him, what happened at this counsel?
Accused Hasting, Lord Stanly, Morton and Rotherham plotting with Woodvilles, added addition charge of treason to Hastings and led him to a summary excretion. Morton&Rotherham imprisoned in Tower&house arrest
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16 June 1483, Gloucester desire for King became clear, what did he did to secure crown for himself?
He sent a request to Westminister Abbey, that suggested Richard, Duke of York should leave sanctuary and go to the tower with Ed V to help prepare for coronation
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What did Gloucester do to put himself forward as KIng?
He denounced the legitimacy
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What happened on the 22 June 1483?
Shaw delieved Sermon at St Paul's cross in London during which he praised Gloucester & told the pre-contract, saying he was entitled to rule (did not legitimacy Gloucester's right to rule)
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What was Clearance's son, Edward of Earl of Warwick not legitimate for the throne?
As Clearance was denounced as clearance helped with the Warwick rebellion in 1469 as was therefore attainted
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25 June lord and commons gathered at westminster Abbey, Buckingham presented roll of parchament which stated what?
It stated the eveils of the woodvilles through the deception of Ediv. This alleged that Ed was snared bu Woodvilles socrey to marry when he was already under contract to another women.
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What date does Riii's reign start?
26 June 1483
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Why did Riii usurp the throne?
Thought best man for it, lived through War of Roses, been in conflict before e.g scotland 1482, and Warwick rebel, feared woodvilles would take all his power away from him, they were not legitimate
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What happened to the Princes?
Rumours that Riii has killed them or got someone to kill them, as he had great motives to kill them , as he did not want any threat to the throne
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Who are the other two suspects to have murdered the princes?
Henry Tudor- had clear motive to ensure princes permanently gone, however no comtempary charges ever made. Buckingham- stayed in London few days after Riii left for progress, however, reason for Buck rebel due to princes rumour
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What year did Ediv secretly marry Elizabeth Woodville?



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