Edexcel I.T: On the move

Quiz about the second chapter of the Edexcel textbook

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1. I am running an internet search to find houses in america. Which one of these searches should I use?

  • Houses NOT America
  • Houses AND America
  • Houses OR America
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2. Which one of the following is an example of how a biometric system may be used?

  • Monitoring computer usage
  • Clearing your hard drive
  • Identifying pupils when buying school meals
  • Calculating data exchanges

3. What are RFID chips used for?

  • Identifying products
  • Playing videos
  • Installing graphics
  • Reading software

4. Which of these netbook features do not apply to laptops?

  • small 10-inch monitor, long battery life
  • Microphone and speakers
  • solid state hard drives and SD cards for ata storage
  • light, robust and easily portable
  • USB Connections

5. What is a hotspot?

  • A venue that offers WiFi Internet connection
  • A very warm place
  • The place with the highest speed internet connection


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