Edexcel I.T: Entertain me - what to buy?

All you need to know about Chapter three of the Edexcel textbook, good luck :) 

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1. Which of these is NOT a way in which a games console can be controlled 'hands free'?

  • Thought generation
  • Pressure Pad
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Balance board
  • Voice activation
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2. Which of these reasons could be used in suggesting that a Laptop is a better gaming device than a console?

  • It is simple - you can play straight out of the box
  • You can play on a couch
  • It is cheaper
  • You can play the games online against people with any type of computer
  • It is compact, is in an all in one unit

3. In order to download films and play online games, which one of the following do I NOT need?

  • Internet
  • Broadband
  • Games console
  • Bandwidth

4. What is the fastest broadband supplied by?

  • Fibre Optic Cables
  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

5. With ADSL, which is faster?

  • Download speeds
  • Upload speeds


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