Edexcel History Russia 1917-1939

Edexcel History Russia 1917-1939 Section 8

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1. What was the name of the last Tsar?

  • Tsar Alexei Romanov
  • Tsar Rasputin
  • Tsar Nicholas II Romanov
  • Tsar Nicholas III Romanov
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2. What was the Duma?

  • an elected parliament
  • the secret police
  • the Tsar
  • the industrial workers

3. Who was Rasputin?

  • the last Tsar
  • a mad monk
  • the Bolshevik leader
  • the Provisional Government leader

4. What was the impact of WW1 on Russia?

  • inflation
  • Tsar abdicated and Provisional government formed
  • all of the above
  • widespread hunger

5. What were the main beliefs of Marxism?

  • the Bolsheviks are the best party
  • a class struggle leads to revolution resulting in communism
  • capitalism is ideal
  • peace, land, bread and freedom


Sabrin uchiha

do you know where the answers are.....

Miss E

This set of flashcards covers Russia from the Tsar to Stalin with some very useful questions. These are ideal for your later stage revision, get others to test you to lodge the information in your long term memory.

Miss E

This quiz goes with a set of flash cards and used together the two will enable you to judge how well your revision of the whole topic is going. Keep attemtping it until you get them all right autmatically!

Georgia M

Is there any answers so you know where you have gone wrong

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