Edexcel Unit 8.4 Keywords Crime and Punishment Quiz

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1. The idea that punishment should be of such nature that they will put people off (deter)committing crimes

  • Detterence
  • Deterrence
  • Detterrennce
  • Deterry
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2. What is Responsibility?

  • Being Responsible for one's actions
  • The idea that we must all be judged for what we do
  • The idea that we are all accountable for our actions
  • the idea that someone is control of others and responsible for anything that goes wrong

3. What is a Sin?

  • Betraying God by doing something that he didn't want you to do
  • An act against the will of God
  • Something that has been condoned by God and is thought to be wrong
  • An act against the law

4. The idea that punishments should make criminals pay for what they have done wrong

  • Deterrence
  • Retribution
  • Reform
  • Judgement

5. What is Judgement?

  • The act of judging people and their actions
  • Judging someone
  • Making a decision
  • The idea that we are all judged for our actions on Earth and that will decide whether or not we go to heaven


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