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Eddie is pleased and therefore shy about it.
He enjoys her attention and likes it.
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...you're walkin' wavy.
Catherine is getting attention. Eddie is being protective.
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You're gettin' to be a big girl now...you can't be so friendly, kid.
Catherine doesn't know the effect she has.
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Listen, if everybody keeps his mouth shut, nothin' can happen. They'll pay for their board.
Tension, aware of the implications if something goes wrong.
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No--no, you gonna finish school.
Eddie is overpowering, what he says goes. He is not comfortable with this idea, it should be his decision.
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Well why not? Sure she's the best.
Eddie is proud of her.
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Strangely nervous.
He is unsure and afraid of losing her to her independence.
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I don't like that neighbourhood over there.
Eddie is trying to put Catherine off getting a job. He gives logical reasons to keep control of her and manipulate her.
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Look, did I ask you for money? I supported you this long I support you a little more.
He has authority if he is providing for her. He likes it that way.
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Somehow sickened.
Eddie doesn't understand his feelings.
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She turns his face to her...He turns his head away.
Eddie won't look Beatrice in the eye. He is hiding something.
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Don't trust nobody.
Warning. Eddie wants to be the only one she trusts.
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To Beatrice--strangely and quickly resentful.
Eddie doesn't like being challenged especially by his wife.
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We'll bust a bag tomorrow, I'll bring you some.
Stealing, little instances of breaking the law.
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They got stool pigeons all over this neighbourhood...
Spies, it is dangerous.
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On his own uncle!
Betraying your family is the worst you can do. Vinny Bolzano had broken the code of honour.
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You'll never see him no more, a guy do a thing like that? How's he gonna show his face?
You don't break the code of honour. Vinny Bolzano's behaviour was disgusting, the treatment of him was justified. Detail, graphic description because that's what informers deserve.
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...you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away.
Direct warning. There are implications to what you say. Once it's done, it's done.
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...a powerful emotion is on him, a childish one and a knowing fear. ...shy...
Eddie doesn't understand his emotions. He is not used to feeling like this.
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Why can't you just walk, or take a trolley or sump'm?
Eddie doesn't really like Rodolpho. He is trying to undermine him.
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Eddie rises and moves upstage.
Eddie is uncomfortable, doesn't like it.
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Look, kid; you don't want to be picked up, do ya?
Excuses. It's not the real reason why he wants Rodolpho to stop singing.
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Do me a favour, will you? Go ahead.
Eddie embarrasses Catherine in front of everyone. He is in charge.
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He is sizing up Rodolpho, and there is a barely concealed suspicion.
Eddie doesn't like him because he likes Catherine.
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That's a nice kid? He gives me the heeby-jeebies.
Eddie doesn't trust him-subtext. Ambigious at this point as there is no reason to dislike Rodolpho.
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He sings on the ships...he's like a weird...I just hope that's his regular hair...I don't like his whole way.
Unreasonable excuses not based in fact.
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Marco goes around like a man; nobody kids Marco.
Inferring that Rodolpho is like a woman, effeminate.
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I don't know, B. I don't want to talk about it. ...I can't. I can't talk about it.
Eddie is the one with the problem. Eddie doesn't know how to articulate how he feels. He is uncomfortable about it.
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Louis - Believe me, Eddie, you got a lotta credit comin' to you
There are benefits to what Eddie is doing.
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He can't help smiling at the sight of her.
It's Eddie's natural reaction. He can't censor it.
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Enveloping her with his eyes.
Creepy, taking Catherine captive. Eddie wants complete control over her.
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He looks at her like a lost boy.
The roles have been reversed because Catherine has grown up.
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Katie, he's only bowin' to his passport. ...The guy is looking for his break, that's all he's lookin' for. ...That's a hit-and-run guy, Baby; he's got bright lights in his head, Broadway.
Eddie is being extremely manipulative and clever. He is being purposely cruel. Eddie has Catherine starting to doubt her relationship.
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The guy ain't right, Mr. Alfieri.
Eddie's suggesting that Rodolpho is gay. Although it's Rodolpho's heterosexuality that Eddie doesn't like and his link to Catherine, rather than his supposed homosexuality.
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...like a goddam thief!...He's stealing from me!
Eddie thinks that Rodolpho is stealing Catherine. He thinks that because he raised her he owns her. Their relationship is not natural now.
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What're you talkin' about, marry me! I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about!
He still doesn't understand it but he knows that he is being accused of something. He doesn't know how to appropriately express his emotions.
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I betcha there's plenty of surprises sometimes when those guys get back there, heh?
Eddie's being cruel, trying to insult them.
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The more you run around like that the more chance you're takin'.
Eddie uses reasons, excuses to get his own way.
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It's wonderful. He sings, he cooks, he could make dresses...
Sarcastic. That knowledge is only further making Eddie believe that Rodolpho 'ain't right.'
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He has been unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight roll...He has bent the rolled paper and it suddenly tears in two.
This behaviour reflects how Eddie is now breaking.
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Well, come on, I'll teach you.
Eddie wants to hurt or embarrass Rodolpho.
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I'll teach him again.
Eddie wants to teach Rodolpho a lesson.
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...as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth.
Eddie is showing his power and ownership over her. Love and violence combined. Suggestion of underlying sexual attraction.
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Eddie pins his arms, laughing, and suddenly kisses him.
Complete loss of control. Eddie is doing it to insult Rodolpho and show his power over him. Eddie kisses Rodolpho to show that it isn't a sexual thing with Catherine.
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...he laughs mockingly...horror.
Eddie has shown a complete lack of control. Incredibly tense and hostile atmosphere.
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You see?
Eddie is trying to show Catherine what Rodolpho is, in a crazy, irrational, uncontrolled way.
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Watch your step, submarine. By rights they oughta throw you back in the water.
Threatening to send him back. Foreshadowing later events. The only thing Eddie has got left is his threats now that Catherine has chosen Rodolpho and he has lost her as he can't manipulate them any more because they now see him for what he is.
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To show her what he is!
It is not a rational explanation, only Eddie thinks that it is.
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Give me the number of the Immigration Bureau.
This is the worst thing Eddie could do. He knows what he is doing. He's distressed by it but is determined to carry on.
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This is my house not their house.
Eddie is trying to justify what he has done.
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I want my respect!
Eddie has lost all the respect people had for him. You have to earn respect, not demand it.
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The way you talk to me and the way you look at me. This is my house. And she is my niece and I'm responsible for her.
He is trying to regain some of his power. Eddie is losing control of everything.
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The guy ain't right, Beatrice.
Eddie is deluded and thinks that that is enough explanation and justification for his actions.
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What I feel like doin' in the bed and what I don't feel like doin'.
Eddie is trying to assert his masculinity and authoriity.
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It's a shootin' gallery in here and I'm the pigeon.
Eddie is trying to be the victim because he thinks he is. He thinks that he is in the right.
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A wife is supposed to believe the husband. If I tell you that guy ain't right don't tell me he is right.
Eddie has lost his role and now is trying to assert it.
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I don't go around making accusations.
False, he is behaving crazily and irrationally. The audience knows not to trust his assertions and what he says. All Eddie has done to Rodolpho is accuse him.
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He presses his fingers against his eyes.
Eddie realises the horror of what he has done and it's too much.
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Moving with suppressed suddenness.
Eddie is feeling guilty because he has ruined Catherine's life.
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I only wanted the best for you, Katie. I hope you know that.
Eddie is almost making an apology for what she doesn't know yet.
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She's got other boarders up there? ...What do mean, came over?
There are other men involved now, not just Marco and Rodolpho. The implications of Eddie's actions have got much bigger.
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How do you know they're not trackin' these guys?
Eddie is making excuses to push the blame away from him.
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Lipari's liable to blame you or me and we got his whole family on our head.
It's just Eddie's fault, it's on his head.
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Did I ever ask sump'm for myself? You think I got no feelin's? I never told you nothin' in my life that wasn't for your good. Nothin'! And look at the way you talk to me! Like I was an enemy!
Eddie is her enemy. He is misguided because he thought that he was doing it for her own good when he was only doing it for himself.
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Pugnaciously, furious, he steps toward Beatrice. What's the matter with you?
Eddie is talking about her betrayal of him. He is defensive.
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She looks at him now and sees his terror.
Eddie realises the implications of what he's done.
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I'l kill you for that, you son of a *****!
Eddie is painting himself as a victim.
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I don't forget that, Marco! You hear what I'm sayin'?
Idea of pride. Eddie is in total denial of what he has done.
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He's crazy!...He follows Lipari up left.
Eddie is in denial. He is in a losing battle and is trying to make people understand.
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He's gonna take that back or I'll kill him! You hear me? I'll kill him! I'll kill him!
All of Eddie's masculinity, pride and respect has gone.
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Quietly, almost inaudibly, as though drained.
Eddie has lost everything.
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He's gonna come in here and apologise to me.
Eddie is deluded. He has a twisted idea that he is the victim and that he doesn't deserve this treatment.
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Eddie seems about to pick up the table and fling it at her.
Eddie and Catherine's relationship is completely broken.
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I want my name!...Marco's got my name.
Eddie is being completely irrational and delusional but he believes that he's making sense.
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Shocked, horrified, his fist clenching: Beatrice!
Denial, self-deluding but Beatrice is telling the truth.
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That's what you think of me--that I would have such a thought? His fists clench his head as though it will burst.
The truth is too much for Eddie to handle.
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Marco, calling near the door outside: Eddie Carbone!
Irony. Eddie wanted his name.
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He is incensing himself and little bits of laughter even escape him as his eyes are murderous and he cracks his knuckles in his hands with a strange sort of relaxation.
Insane, madness. Eddie is not in control of himself.
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Now gimme my name and we go together to the wedding.
This is now an impossible situation. The only way for this to end is with violence.
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He lunges for Marco...Eddie springs a knife into his hand...Eddie lunges with the knife.
Eddie makes the first moves.
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Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home.
Eddie kills himself. Eddie is the villan.
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Oh, B.!...My B.!
An apology to Beatrice. Only at the end does Eddie realise what is important. There is a resolution between Eddie and Beatrice and Eddie and Catherine.
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Tragic hero.
Always has a fatal flaw. Is driven to destruction by a force greater than himself.
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Tragic climax.
Catharsis - cleansing feeling for the audience, everything is resolved. As an audience it is right that Eddie dies because we feel sympathy for him. It is his fault and Eddie deserves what he got.
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Catherine is getting attention. Eddie is being protective.


...you're walkin' wavy.

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Catherine doesn't know the effect she has.


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Tension, aware of the implications if something goes wrong.


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Eddie is overpowering, what he says goes. He is not comfortable with this idea, it should be his decision.


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