ecosystems, population and sustainability definitions

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system in which organisms interact with each other and their environment
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trophic level
an organisms position on the food chain
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biotic and a biotic factors
living and non- living components of the environment that affects the distribution and abundance of a species
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an organism that transfers energy from light into inorganic and organic compounds
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an organism that obtains its energy
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breaks down the organic remains of other organisms and return there matter back into the soil or air
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where an organism lives that provides food, water, shelter and breeding space
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physical and non- living parts of an ecosystem
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an organisms role within an ecosystem
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the directional change in a community over time
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primary succession
when organisms colonise a lifeless habitat
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secondary succession
when organisms re- colonise a devastated ecosystem
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deflected succession
when human activity maintains the ecosystem
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pioneer species
first species to colonise an area
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climax community
end point of the succession with a stable environment
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ecological pyramids
diagrammatic representation of food webs and chains that represent the different trophic levels
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denitrifying bacteria
provides themselves with energy by reversing nitrogen fixation, converting nitrate to N2 gas which is returned to the air
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the conversion of ammonium ions into nitrates in the soil in an oxidation reaction
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a process involving the conversion of soil nitrates back into atmospheric nitrogen
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number of individuals of all species in a defined area
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population density
individuals per area eg km2
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carrying capacity
the maximum population that can be sustained by an ecosystem
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limiting factors
anything stopping population growth
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inter specific competition
competition occurring between members of different species- rare
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intra specific competition
occurs between member of the same species
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trophic level


an organisms position on the food chain

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biotic and a biotic factors


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