Ecosystems & Rainforests

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Location & Climate of Rainforests

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Ecosystems & Rainforests
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What is a Producer?
An organism that makes its own food.
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What is a Consumer?
An organism that obtains energy by feeding on other organisms.
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What is a Decomposer?
Fungi and bacteria that break organic material into smaller bits.
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Biotic Members
Living things such as plants and animals.
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Abiotic Factors
Non - living factors such as soil, weather, water, atmosphere etc.
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What is a Biome?
A very large ecosystem or collection of ecosystems with similar biotic and abiotic factors e.g. rainforest.
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What is an Ecosystem?
An ecosystem incluudes all of the biotic members in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with abiotic factors.
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What are the Components of an Ecosystem?
Ecosystems are made up of several components which depend upon and affect each other. This interdependence means that changes in components; producers, consumers, decomposers, biotic members, abiotic factors, are likely to have a knock-on effect
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through the system. Human activity such as deforestation can destroy the habitats, plants and animals and affect other elements of the ecosystem. Air water and pollution, human activity (such as dropping litter), and climate change can similarly
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cause severe and irreversible damage to an ecosystem such as a UK pond.
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What is the climate like in the Tundra Biome?
Temperature ranges from -32°c in winter to 9°c in Summer. Least amount of precipitation in March, April & May. Most in June, July & August.
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What is the climate like in the Taiga Biome?
Can reach 15°c degrees in August, -11°c in Winter. 80mm of rain in August, 36mm in February.
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What is the climate like in the Savannah Biome?
Precipitation varies greatly with the most in September (284mm). Temperature is at it's highest in April (28.5°c) but never varies much lower.
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What is the climate like in the Tropical Rainforest Biome?
Up to 300mm of rain in March. 28°c all year round.
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What is the climate like in the Hot Desert Biome?
Hot climate causedby air travelling to the poles from the equator and losing moisture. 27°c in August.
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What are examples of Small Scale Ecosystems?
Ponds, puddles, tree trunks, under rocks etc.
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What is Interdependence?
People, animals, organizations or things depending on each other.
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Where are Tropical Rainforests located?
Tropical Rainforest are located along the equator, between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.
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What are the temperatures like in Tropical Rainforests?
Temperatures are hot throughout the year - mainly between 26 & 27°c.
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What is precipitation like in Tropical Rainforest?
In rains every day in the afternoon and in every month of the year, there is over 18000mm of rainfall a year.
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What is a Producer?


An organism that makes its own food.

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