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1. What are the four ways for marine ecosystems to get degraded?

  • Fertilisers, coastlines, over fishing and, cats.
  • Coastlines, climate change, over fishing and, fertilisers.
  • Over fishing, dog walking, climate change and, farming.
  • Climate change, people, fish and, singing.
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2. What can affect the climate?

  • Temperature, precipitation and, sunlight.
  • Temperature, people and, weather.
  • Sunlight, temperature and, heat.
  • Precipitation, the biotic features and, you.

3. How many hectares of moorland is there in England and Wales?

  • 0
  • 91,000
  • 350,000
  • 500,000,000

4. Which three things are considered to be important for marine ecosystems?

  • Tourism, energy and, fishing.
  • Tourism, sandcastles and, movie watching.
  • Energy, life and, dog walking.
  • Fishing, over fishing and, selling fishing gear.

5. Which two local factors affect climate?

  • Nothing and, nothing.
  • People and, animals.
  • Rock/soil type and, altitude.
  • Soil and, rocks.


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