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1. What is Gross Primary Production?

  • The rate of conversion of light energy into chemical energy
  • The remainder of light energy converted to biomass
  • A measure of how well a plant captures light energy
  • The loss of energy between trophic levels
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2. What is the climax community?

  • Organisms that convert inorganic molecules into organic molecules
  • A group of individuals that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring
  • The final and most stable community in an area
  • The first organisms to colonise an area

3. Which term describes "a measure of how well a plant captures light energy"?

  • Respiration
  • Gross Primary Production
  • Phtosynthetic efficiency
  • Net Primary Production

4. What is the name given to the first organisms to colonies an area?

  • Primary producers
  • Detritivores
  • Pioneer species
  • Climax community

5. What is an autotroph?

  • An organism that produces inorganic molecules from organic ones
  • An organism that produces organic molecules from inorganic ones
  • An organism that only eats plants
  • An organism that eats plants and animals


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