Economies of Scale

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1. What do financial economies of scale mean?

  • Due to the growth of a firm, banks and other lenders charge less interest and negotiate on better terms than with smaller risker firms
  • As the firm expands investment increases
  • As the firm gets smaller, financial issues arise
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2. At what point on an average cost curve are firms productively efficient?

  • At the highest point of the stright line graph
  • At the lowest point of the U shape
  • At the lowest point of the straight line graph

3. What is managerial economies scale linked to?

  • Linked to external economies of scale
  • Linked to the division and specialisation of labour
  • Linked to the trade union

4. Which one of these is a type of economies of scale?

  • individual economies of scale
  • technical economies of scale
  • negative economies of scale

5. What are economies of scale?

  • Lower average costs resulting from the expansion of a firm
  • Higher average costs resulting from the expansion of a firm
  • More demand with larger firm


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