Economics Money Keywords

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Things that are essential to our lives. Eg. food, water.
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Things we could survive without. Eg. Food
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Total money received from a person's wages, salary, interest and dividends.
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Getting money from a lender that must be repayed in the future
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Putting money aside for later use
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Gaining employment
Being offered and accepting a paid job
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A new, higher-paid job role involving greater responsibility and skill.
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The amount of money still owing from funds borrowed
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When an individual without a job is seeking paid employment or is unable to work.
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When we cease to do paid employment
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Regular payments from a government to support people in need
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Tax Credit
A state benefit paid to employees through the tax system which acts like a negative tax.
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A benefit paid as of right to those of retirement age who have paid the minimum National Insurance contributions
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A fee levied by the government on a product, income or activity
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Tax allowances
Sums deducted from total income before income tax is calculated.
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Resources are limited compared with our need and wants
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Deciding between diffferent options because our resources are limited.
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Basic Economic Problem
Resources are limited, but our needs and wants are infinite
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The land, labour, capital and enterprise used to produce goods and services.
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Opportunity Cost
Something given up when we make a choice.
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The advantages of a particular choice
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The drawbacks of a particular choice.
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The quantity of a good or service that comsumers are willing and able to purchase at a particular price.
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Factors Affecting Demand
Things that cause consmers to but more or less of a product at a particular price.
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A market exists whenever buyers and sellers come together.
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Market Price
The price that buyers and sellers agree on for a particular good or service
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The process of trying to beat others, for example gain more customers.
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Bank/building society savings account
An account for which the main objective is to gain interest and keep money safe.
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Poss Office card account
Savings accoutn offered by the Post Office.
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Individual Savings account on which interest is tax free - you can only open 1 per financial year and the top amount is fixed.
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Interest Rate
An annual amount which is paid to savers and charged to borrowers.
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AER (Annual Equivalent Rate)
A figure quotes in savings ads to compare 1 savings service from another.
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The return received for taking risks
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The chance that something may not succeed and its consequence.
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Stock Market
The place where stocks, shares and bonds are traded.
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Certificate representing ownership of a unit in a company.
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Unit Trusts
A pooled investment fund usually in shares-based investments.
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Government Securities
Stocks, bonds and bills of exchange issued by the government to raise the funds.
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Amount of money borrowed.
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Term of loan
The length of time over which a loan can be repaid.
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APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
The interest rate published on loans to compare their true interest.
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Financial Planning
The process for ensuring financial goals are met.
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Financial plan of future income and spending
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Financial Adviser
A professional offering financial advice.
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Debt Management
Taking the help of an expert to help solve debt problems.
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Debt Management Plan
A structured repayment plan.
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Social, moral or ethical dilemma
A problem with no absolute solution.
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The rights and wrongs of an issue.
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Ethical Lending Policy
A statement that loans will only be made to ethical and responsible borrowers.
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Opportunity Cost
Something that is given up when we make a choice
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Someone who USES the product.
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Someone who BUYS the product
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Two goods which are separate and different but are used in conjunction with each other.
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Two goods that could be used for the same purpose.
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Things we could survive without. Eg. Food



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Total money received from a person's wages, salary, interest and dividends.


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Getting money from a lender that must be repayed in the future


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Putting money aside for later use


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