Economic opportunities of tectonic landscapes

A multiple choice quiz about one of the case studies for the iGCSE Paper 1 - Physical Geography

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1. What is meant by economic opportunity

  • A way that people can get jobs and make money
  • Something which prevent people making money
  • The reason the Andes were formed
  • A naturally occurring process
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2. What is the Inca trail

  • The name of a gold mine in Guatemala
  • A place where they test fountain pens
  • A 45 km long footpath that ends at Machu Picchu
  • A holiday resort

3. What is Yanacocha

  • The biggest Llama in the world
  • The biggest guinea pig farm in the world (in Peru)
  • The biggest gold mine in the world (in Peru)
  • The biggest gold mine in the world (in Brazil)

4. Why are the Andes good for HEP

  • Lots of rainfall, snowmelt and narrow valleys that are easily dammed
  • Because they are near the sea
  • Because they are not very high
  • Because they are very inaccessible

5. What is HEP

  • Hydroelectric power
  • high energy power
  • Hydro electrostatic power
  • Hydro ecodynamic power


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