Economic Development Key Terms

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the use of resources and the application of available technology to improve the standard of living in this country
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Environmental impact assessment
a document required by law in many countries, detailing all the impacts on the environment of a project above a certain size
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Quality of life
This sums up all the factors that affect a persons general well being and happiness (economic, physical, social and psychological)
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Sustainable development
development that meets the needs of the present without harming the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
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North-South divide
the simple division between MEDCs (mainly in the north) and LEDCs (mainly in the south)
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International aid
the giving of resources from one country or organisation to another poorer country. The primary objective is to improve the economy and quality of life in the poorer country
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Appropriate technology
aid supplied by a donor country whereby the level of technology and the skills required to service it are properly suited to the conditions in the receiving country
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Product chain
the full sequence of activities needed to turn raw materials into a finished product
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Foreign direct investment
overseas investments in physical capital by MNCs
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Multinational companies (MNCs)
firms that produce goods in more than one country (e.g. Macdonalds)
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Subsistence farming
the most basic form of agriculture where the produce is consumed entirely or mainly by the family who work the land or tend to the livestock.
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where a company contracts out some of its work to another company. This is usually because the company can save money. However, it can also happen if a company lacks certain skills
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Extensive farming
when one type of farming and large farms dominate a very large area. Inputs per hectare are low compared with intensive farming, such as market gardening
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Optimum location
the location that best satisfies the objectives of a company. For most, this will be the maximum profit location
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Global city
major world city supplying financial, business and other significant services to all parts of the world
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Back offices
offices of a company handling high-volume communications by telephone, electronic transaction or letter.
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High-technology cluster
where high tech companies group together in a region because their location factors are similar and such companies benefit from being in close proximity
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Cumulative causation
the process whereby a significant increase in economic growth can lead to even more growth as more money circulates in the economy
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Economic core region
the most highly developed region in a country with advanced systems of infrastructure and high levels of investment, resulting in high average income
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the parts of a country outside the economic core region. The level of economic development in the periphery is significantly below that of the core
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the increasing interconnectedness and interdependence of the world economically, culturally and politically
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New international division of labour (NIDL)
this divides production into different skills and tasks that are spread across regions and countries rather than within a single company
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the long term absolute decline of employment in manufacturing
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when an area is reliant on one company for the majority of its employment
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Economies of scale
a situation in which an increase in the scale at which a business operates will lead to a reduction in the average costs of production
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the establishment of new industries in a country or region that has experienced considerable decline of traditional industries
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Niche markets
small markets that deal in a specialised product
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Global civil society
international groups, associations and movements that are not controlled by the state government
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Acid rain
rainwater containing sulphuric acid, nitric acid and compounds of ammonia. These pollutants have been pumped into the atmosphere by manufacturing industry and vehicle emissions
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Carbon footprint
the effect human activities have on the climate in terms of the total amount of greenhouse gas production
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Greenhouse effect
the property of the Earth's atmosphere by which long wavelength heat rays from the Earth's surface are trapped or reflected back by the atmosphere
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Thermal expansion
as sea and ocean temperatures increase, the water molecules near the surface expand and the sea level rises
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any fuel derived from renewable biological sources such as animal waste or plants
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community energy
energy produced close to the point of consumption
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Low-carbon economy
a country where significant measures have been taken to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors of the economy
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Environmental impact assessment


a document required by law in many countries, detailing all the impacts on the environment of a project above a certain size

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Quality of life


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Sustainable development


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