ECON1 - The reasons for individuals, organisations and societies having to make choices

OCR economics quiz for the 'markets in action' exam.

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1. The economic problem is...

  • How to allocate scarce resources among alternative uses
  • When economic efficiency is not achieved
  • When demand exceeds supply
  • When supply exceeds demand
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2. The four factors of production are...

  • Subsidies, Taxation, Legislation, Information Provision
  • Land, Labour, Capital, Enterpreneurship
  • Factories, Workers, Raw Materials, Investment

3. A market is...

  • Where people make money
  • A place on the street found mainly in city centres
  • A place where buyers and sellers meet to determin a price and exchange their goods and services
  • Where a worker, organisation, region or economy concentrates on a narrow range of goods and servises

4. A benefit of specialisation is...

  • A widening range of goods and services that are available in an economy e.g. bananas can be imported into the UK since the caribbean specialises in growing them.
  • Exchange allows economic growth in NIC
  • All of the above
  • An increased output of goods and services globally.

5. Division of labour is...

  • Cutting workers in half with a saw so that they can do 2 tasks at the same time.
  • Dividing the workforce so that not everybody has to work
  • Having specialised labour to complete seperated tasks in the production process
  • Dividing the workforce so that some work at day, and some work at night, maximising production




This is 10 multiple choice questions on the very start of the AS economics exam material ie factors, specialisation, production possibility frontier.

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