Eating disorders : obesity

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1. What did Braet & Crombez find?

  • Food related illnesses were due to bad thought processes
  • Obese children were more sensitive to food words - hypersensitivity shows initiation and maintenance of maladaptive thought processes can trigger bad eating behaviour
  • That obese children ate more than children who weren't obese
  • Bad health from obesity was linked to the hypothalamus
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2. What is NPY(neuropeptide)

  • NT that controls eating behaviour
  • NT that increases food intake and storage of energy as fat and decrease of physical activity
  • NT that mediates between appetite
  • NT that stops you feeling hungry

3. How much in the USA in 1998 was spent on treating obesity?

  • $78.5bn
  • $1m
  • $45m
  • $5bn

4. As weight is lost, body fat us reduced and this decreases levels of leptin, this interacts with the NPY neurone and the appetite is...

  • Increased
  • Decreased
  • Stopped
  • Beginning

5. How is the cognitive theory used to explain obesity?

  • It doesn't
  • It is innate in some people's brain to eat more than others
  • Elevated focus for food-related stimuli which can trigger strong emotional responses that lead to effects in eating
  • Some people can't help being obese, it comes naturally


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