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2. The evolutionary theory regarding what triggers obesity says that

  • Obesity doesn't exist
  • Maladaptive instincts that developed at a time where food was scarce means that some modern humans continue to behave that food is scarce, resulting in over eating
  • Obesity is innate and comes from an era where everyone was obese
  • Some people are naturally bigger than others because throughout evolution they were the longer lasting survivors in a pack

3. The highest obesity rates are where and how much?

  • The USA
  • South Pacific Islanders of Nauru with 80% obesity rate
  • Europe with the most obesity rate in the world
  • Great Britain with 65% obesity rate

4. Where is leptin produced?

  • Hypothalamus
  • Brain
  • Stomach
  • Intestines

5. As weight is lost, body fat us reduced and this decreases levels of leptin, this interacts with the NPY neurone and the appetite is...

  • Stopped
  • Increased
  • Decreased
  • Beginning


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