Eating disorders : obesity

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1. What did Braet & Crombez find?

  • Food related illnesses were due to bad thought processes
  • Obese children were more sensitive to food words - hypersensitivity shows initiation and maintenance of maladaptive thought processes can trigger bad eating behaviour
  • That obese children ate more than children who weren't obese
  • Bad health from obesity was linked to the hypothalamus
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2. The evolutionary theory regarding what triggers obesity says that

  • Obesity doesn't exist
  • Some people are naturally bigger than others because throughout evolution they were the longer lasting survivors in a pack
  • Maladaptive instincts that developed at a time where food was scarce means that some modern humans continue to behave that food is scarce, resulting in over eating
  • Obesity is innate and comes from an era where everyone was obese

3. What is obesity?

  • Anyone whose BMI is over 20kg
  • Being fat
  • Where excess fat accumulates to such an extent that BMI is 30kg or higher
  • Eating too much so that you are overweight

4. As weight is lost, body fat us reduced and this decreases levels of leptin, this interacts with the NPY neurone and the appetite is...

  • Stopped
  • Increased
  • Decreased
  • Beginning

5. What is NPY(neuropeptide)

  • NT that stops you feeling hungry
  • NT that increases food intake and storage of energy as fat and decrease of physical activity
  • NT that controls eating behaviour
  • NT that mediates between appetite


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