Eating disorders

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la maigreur
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eating problems
les problèmes d'alimentation
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weight problems
les problèmes de poids
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appearance problems
les problèmes d'image physique
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lack of confidence
un manque de confiance
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low self-esteem
une piètre estime de soi
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a feeling of being useless
un sentiment d'impuissance
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a feeling of guilt
un sentiment de culpabilité
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a feeling of shame
un sentiment de honte
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to feel the need to be in control
ressentir un besoin de contrôle
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an obsession with one's weight
un préoccupation excessive à l'égard de son poids
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terror of putting on weight
la peur intense de prendre du poids
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to take control of one's eating habits
maîtriser son comportement alimentaire
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quest to be perfectly slim
la quête de la minceur absolue
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to deprive oneself of food
se priver de nourriture
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to starve oneself
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self-imposed fasting
le jeûne auto-imposé
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la sous-alimentation/ l'insuffisance alimentaire
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lack of vitamins
la carence en vitamines
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la boulimie
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bout of excessive eating
une orgie alimentaire
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to make oneself sick
se faire vomir
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excessive exercise
la gymnastique excessive
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destructive cycle
le cycle destructeur
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to be skeletally thin
être squelettique
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eating problems


les problèmes d'alimentation

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weight problems


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appearance problems


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lack of confidence


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