Eating Behaviour

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1. How could health affect eating behaviour?

  • People will eat certain foods to become invincible
  • Those with disorders like allergies or diabetes will have to avoid certain food
  • People will eat less to lose weight
  • Only healthy people eat healthy food
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2. Which of these is not an explanation of eating behaviour?

  • Culture
  • Safety
  • Mood
  • Health

3. Explain one way a diet may fail

  • By not exercising
  • The role of denial may cause the dieter to think more about food and therefore eat more and gain weight
  • By eating ice cream
  • With group support like weight watchers

4. What neural mechanism motivates a person to stop eating?

  • Leptin
  • The Lateral Hypothalamus
  • The Ventromedial Hypothalamus
  • The Frontal Lobe

5. A negative mood causes...?

  • decreased eating to boost dopamine
  • increased eating to boost serotonin
  • increased eating to boost dopamine
  • decreased eating to boost serotonin


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