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Neural mechanisms? (LTQRMZ)
Lashley, teitalbaum, Quaade, Rowland et al, Marie et al, Zhang
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maze, LH leisoned stop eating, VMH, eat to excess
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VMH leiosned rats to push bar, less willing if more tries needed
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stimulating LH of obese people made hungry
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Rowland et al?
injected bombesin into rats brains, reduction in food intake
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neuropetide Y into rats brain, even if full still eat
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Marie et al?
mice genetically modified not to produce NPY no change in eating to normal mice
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Zhang et al?
defective genes where leptin release didnt happen, lead to obesity
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Factors influencing? (GBGTWGWPO)
Gast et al, birch and fisher, garg et al, tice et al, wansink, grundberg + straub, willenbring, popper, oliver
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Gast et al?
10-12yr olds, pos correlation between peer influences and eating habits
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Birch and fisher
good predictor of daughters eating was mothers dietary restraint and perceived risk of daughter becoming over weight
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Garg et al
happy people avoid pleasurable products, sad people consider them uplifting
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Tice et al
p's responded to stress by eating more fattening, unhealthy snacks
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sad film more popcorn, comedy, grapes
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Grundberg + straub
male p's not stressed more unhealthy, females stressed more unhealthy, gender difference
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p's ate less when stressed
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marines during combat ate less
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73% students increased snacking in stress
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bio explanations of AN (BKHF)
Bailer et al ,Kaye et al, Holland et al, Fichter and Pirke
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Bailer et al
highest serotonin activity with AN sufferers which supresses apetite
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Kaye et al
AN women, over activity within dopamine receptors within basal ganglia (associated with interpreting pleasure + harm)
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Holland et al
MZ 55% concordance, DZ 7%.
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Fitcher + Pirke
starved 'normals' serotonin levels changed
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Psychological explanations of AN (HLBGV)
Hoek et al, lai et al, becker et al, groesz et al, vitousek + Manke
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Hoek et al
carribbean islamd, acceptable to be overweight, 6 cases of an same range of rates in westernized countries
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Lai et al
an in china increased as cultures became more westernised
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Becker et al
fijan girls greater desire to lose weight after introduction of tv
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Vitousek + Manke
parents of An define needs of child themselves
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Evolutionary explanations of food preference (DLSCSA)
Desor, Logue et al,stefansson, chimpanzees, sandell et al, american academy of paediatrics
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neonates preferred sweet foods compared to bitter
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Logue et al
human tongue has specific receptoors for recognising sweetness not any others
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copper inuits disgusted by taste of sugar when first tried
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when coming close to starvation, eat fattiest parts of brain
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Sandell et al
those with sensitive version of gene to bitter foods rated vegetables containing mild toxin as 60% more bitter than those with insensitive
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neonates can only injest milk and have inate preference for sweet tastes and distsate for bitter but meat has to be introduced
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success + failure of dieting (WWHRBMK)
Wardles et al, wagner, herman and mack, redden et al, bartlett, miller-kovach, kiernan
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wardles et al
women in dieting group ate more than other groups
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white bear
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herman and mack
dieters consumed more in taste test if given high calorie snack
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redden et al
jelly bean, p's bored if only given general not details
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dieting success best occurs target reducing 500-1000 calories per day
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weigh watchers superior to infividual dieting over 2 years
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people who were more disatisfied with body at baseline more likely to succeed.
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maze, LH leisoned stop eating, VMH, eat to excess

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