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1. What has baby expression research showed us?

  • Nothing, the baby taste receptors haven't formed yet, so it goes against Evolutionary approach
  • Innate reactions to different stimuli
  • That babies do not like sour things
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2. How can a child be influenced by parents when it comes to eating?

  • They observe their parents getting rewarded by enjoying certain foods
  • They are directly reinforced for eating in/appropriate food
  • The parents feed them what they believe to be best, from there can develop an avoidance

3. What did Redden (2008) find to support the success of cognitive strategies?

  • Focusing on the specifics on the meals keeps it interesting
  • Focusing too much on the specifics can cause dieting relapse

4. What did Dornbusch (1984) find?

  • Higher class females had greater desire to be thin and more likely to diet to achieve this
  • Higher class females have less desire to be thin and less likely to diet
  • Lower class females don't have a desire to be thin but they are more likely to diet

5. What did Wardle and Beales (1988) find to support the failure of restraint theory?

  • The control group gained most weight
  • There was no causal links between any of the groups.
  • Diet group at more than those in exercise group and control gorup
  • The exercise group lost most weight


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