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1. What are the three evolutionary hypotheses?

  • Fleeing Famine Hypothesis, Reproduction Suppression Hypothesis and Pseudo-nubile Hypothesis
  • Embracing Famine Hypothesis, Reproduction Surrender Hypothesis and Pseudonym Hypothesis
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2. What did Fisher and Birch study?

  • Whether children seem to prefer chocolate to sweets
  • Whether there is restriction on food and how much these foods were eaten during the study
  • Whether children binge on fatty foods more than vegtables

3. What did the 2003 Scottish Health Survey find?

  • In general, income was positively associated with healthy eating
  • Higher class women are more likely to use body regulation methods

4. What did Duncher find?

  • Only the unknown adult had no impact on the children
  • Only the unknown adult had an impact on the children
  • Only the fictional hero and mother had influenced the children
  • No one influenced the children

5. What hormones are involved in the glucostatic hypothesis?

  • Vagus nerve
  • Glucagon and Inuslin
  • Insulin
  • Glucagon


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