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1. What did Wardle and Beales (1988) find to support the failure of restraint theory?

  • The control group gained most weight
  • There was no causal links between any of the groups.
  • Diet group at more than those in exercise group and control gorup
  • The exercise group lost most weight
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2. How can a child be influenced by parents when it comes to eating?

  • They observe their parents getting rewarded by enjoying certain foods
  • They are directly reinforced for eating in/appropriate food
  • The parents feed them what they believe to be best, from there can develop an avoidance

3. What did the 2003 Scottish Health Survey find?

  • In general, income was positively associated with healthy eating
  • Higher class women are more likely to use body regulation methods

4. How much more did lab rats increase their daily calorie intake by

  • 62%
  • 85%
  • 84%
  • 91%

5. What does EEA stand for?

  • Evolutionary Enviroment Adaption
  • Environment of Evolutionary Adaption
  • Environment of Evolutionary Adjustment
  • Existential Evolutionary Adaption


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