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1. What is Prediction?

  • organised activities and drills so people know what to do in the event of an earthquake.
  • A way of memorising all the features of an earthquake.
  • Attempts to forecast an event (where and when it will happen).
  • Constructing buildings so they are safe to live in and won't collapse.
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2. What is a tsunami?

  • A special wave often caused by an eartthquake that displaces water above it.
  • A special term for the destruction of marine featues (e.g. docks).
  • A song.
  • Where two plates collide, causing the earth under to shake vigorously.

3. What is a Caldera?

  • A mega colossal volcano that erupts at least 1,000 km3 of material.
  • A geothermal feature in which water erupts into the air under pressure.
  • The depression of a Supervolcano marking the collapsed magma chamber.
  • A section of the earths crust.

4. What is a destructive plate boundary?

  • Where two plates meet.
  • Where two plates move apart.
  • Where two plates move towards eachother.
  • Where two plates move in parallel to eachother.

5. What is the Richter Scale?

  • A way of digitally recording earthquakes.
  • A way of comparing two earthquakes.
  • A logarithmic scale used for measuring earthquakes.
  • A way of measuring the width of the earthquake.


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