Early Revolutions

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The revolutions began in which state?
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When was this?
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The king, (name him), had increased what?
King Ferdinand and church power
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The increased power of censorship covered what? N___ and m____
Newspapers and magazines
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The revolt was led by which organisation?
The Carbonari
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They demanded that the king should grant a?
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Based on?
The 1812 Spanish one
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Ferdinand eventually gave in and granted a constitution, this limited what and gave the vote to whom?
The King's powers and vote for all adult males
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Meanwhile, a revolution broke out where?
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The revolutionaries were sick and tired, they wanted what from Naples and their repressive ruler?
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Riots took over the city, buildings were ____? and the Neapolitan govener was?
Set a blaze, sent home
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A meeting of the new parliament decided that Sicily should never be allowed?
To go independent
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Ferdinand met with whom?
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It was settled at the T____ Protocol that all members of the G___ P___ will supress any revolts in each others country if needed
Troppau, Great Powers
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King Ferdinand went back on what?
His earlier proposals
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Then he regained...?
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The next revolt was in P?
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Victor Emmanuel I had restored abs____
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News of what happened in Naples, en_____ those in Piedmont to announce their dis____
Encourage, discontent
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The C____ organisation increasingly grew in numbers, particularly un__
Carbonari, university students
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Members took over the town of?
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The Kingdom of Italy
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Victor Emmanuel?
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Liberals turned their attention to?
Charles Albert
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However, Albert was not the rightful heir, who was?
Charles Felix
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When Felix returned, what did he do?
Denounced Albert
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So Albert?
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Meanwhile, Felix appealed to M____ then the rioters were supressed
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The revolution in Modena was led by student?
Enrico Misley
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He trusted his leader...
Duke Francis IV
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However, Francis betrayed and imprisoned Misley but the revolution...
Went ahead anyway
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The Duke thought everything was hunky dory so he left Italy on a business meeting but revolutions to___?
Took over the city
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Students encouraged people in neighbouring state ___ to revolt
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Duchess ______ fled in fear of her life
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However, the Duke returned with help from, none other than...
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Revolts were supressed and leaders were rein___
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A similar uprising occured in _____ (note, this was the last revolt of the Early Revs)
Papal States
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The government put up little?
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M_______ troops moved in and defeated rebels
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When was this?



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The king, (name him), had increased what?


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The increased power of censorship covered what? N___ and m____


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The revolt was led by which organisation?


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