Dyslexia and Alzheimers

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1. what is Alzheimers?

  • progressive degenerative neurological disorder
  • the ability to not be able to spell and write
  • frequently becoming dis orientated
  • where you become un conscious frequently
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2. what is the main symptom of having Dyslexia?

  • issues with concentration and focus
  • general physical co-ordination
  • difficulties or delays in learning the alphabet
  • distinguising from left or right

3. what is the main cause of alzheimers disease?

  • family history
  • downs syndrome
  • the cause is unknown to us
  • age

4. what is Dyslexia?

  • affecting your ability to remember words
  • a neurological condition that affects learning ability in people of normal and even above-average intelligence
  • a memory problem
  • a skin disease

5. what is the main treatment for alzheimer

  • no cure for dementia
  • placing photos around the room
  • a diary to document things they have recently done in their life
  • if they drink more water


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