Durkheim View on Crime and Deviance

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1. Ounishment according to Durkheim is a way of reaffirming....

  • societies norms and values + social solidarity
  • societies norms and conformity
  • societies diversity
  • sed divisions means individuals are becoming increasingly the same
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2. who suggests that police helps sustain and produce crime rather than prevent it

  • Kety
  • Erikson
  • Polsky

3. Davis argues that prostitution acts as a ....... ...... for the release of sexual frustration without threatening the nuclear family

  • high rates of truancy
  • Safty valve
  • correction
  • valve

4. Durkheim believed that the norms and values reflect society and not

  • the gang
  • those in power
  • the murderers
  • those in guisnesses

5. Durkheim refers to anomie as

  • normlessness
  • togetherness


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