Durkheim View on Crime and Deviance

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1. Problem with functionalist view is that it is macro looking at society and not the individual

  • for example, solidarity of murderer unlikely for victim
  • solidarity victim is functional
  • Functions are useless
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2. durkheim .... say how much is the right amount of crime

  • sometimes
  • doesn't
  • does

3. Did Durkheim believe that a certain amount of crime and deviance may be functional for society?

  • Yes
  • No

4. Durkheim believes what is weakened by diversity resulting in crime and deviance

  • illusion
  • collective conscious
  • deviance amplification
  • wrongdoing

5. What supports Erikson

  • use of carnivals, demonstrations that allow deviance to occur
  • use of carnivals, demonstrations that do not allow deviance to occur


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