duress of circumstances

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1. what is the nature of test ?

  • was d impelled to at ? if so did he respond as a sober person of reasonable firmness of mind sharing the dame characteristics of d would have acted ?
  • would a person of sober mind have acted in this way ?
  • was d forced ?
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2. what case shows reasonableness and proprtionality

  • harrold
  • smith
  • conway
  • jones

3. in the case of martain was the defendant allowed duress due to his wife threatening to kill herself if he didnt illegally drive ?

  • yes
  • no

4. what does conway show ?

  • resonableness
  • dishonesty

5. bowen shows the factors to consider when dealing with duress is :

  • sexual orienation and race
  • ages , sex , disability and mental illness
  • age , height weight


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