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2. what is the important factor in this ?

  • D beleived he would go to jail if he didnt commit the crime
  • d or other would suffer death or serious injury if he didnt commit the crime
  • d believed he would be killed if he didnt do the crime

3. in the case of martain was the defendant allowed duress due to his wife threatening to kill herself if he didnt illegally drive ?

  • yes
  • no

4. what is the nature of test ?

  • was d impelled to at ? if so did he respond as a sober person of reasonable firmness of mind sharing the dame characteristics of d would have acted ?
  • would a person of sober mind have acted in this way ?
  • was d forced ?

5. bowen shows the factors to consider when dealing with duress is :

  • sexual orienation and race
  • ages , sex , disability and mental illness
  • age , height weight


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