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What is a base metal?
A metal that is not made of more than one metal.
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What is the two patinas?
Borax and copper nitrate
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What is an alloy?
An alloy is a mix of metals, brass is copper and zinc.
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When sawing plastic what saw sould you use?
Jr. Hack Saw
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Why should you use a steel ruler?
Because the ruler will not distort and break meaning it is more accurate
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What does liquid cement do?
It is a glue that is permanent and sticks like cement.
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What is solvents creep?
Solvents creep is when the glue runs down the product. to stop this we used masking take.
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What does sustainability mean?
It means we are keeping the product going.
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What is planned obsolescence?
It is when companys relese products designed to break after a period of time, long enough for the product to be liked but short enough the company earns money.
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What are the types of paper?
Tissue paper, printing paper, news paper, sanitary paper, specialists paper.
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What does annaeling do to the metal?
Annealing tempararily seperates the metals molocules
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What is cherry red?
When using the soldering torch the copper goes 'cherry red' this is when to stop annealing.
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What do we use reverce tongs?
We use reverse tongs so you dont have to constantly apply presure when holding hot metal
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What is quenching?
When you dip the cherry red metal into water to instanty cool down the metal
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Why do you draw the shape on the metal before annealing?
Because it will come off when annealing
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Why do you need to put laque on copper nitrate?
Because copper nitrate rubs off so the laque protects it.
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What is the two patinas?


Borax and copper nitrate

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What is an alloy?


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When sawing plastic what saw sould you use?


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Why should you use a steel ruler?


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