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why do people use drugs?
-to get high -to cure illnesses -enhance performances
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what does addiction mean?
you do something and cant stop doing it
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what is withdrawal symptoms?
when the body needs the drug and you stop taking it, you have symptoms
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what is a gateway drug?
drug that leads to other dangerous drugs
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what is medicinal drugs?
drugs which help people feel better when they are ill, are cure diseases.
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what is a recreational drug?
drugs which people take not because they need them but because they make them feel better
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why do people get addicted to drugs?
they change chemical processes in the body because they use it frequently
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what are drugs?
drugs change chemical processes within the body and they change the way the body works
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how do drugs effect us?
drugs effect the way the brain work and nervous system works
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what are some legal drugs?
tobacco, alcohol and caffine
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what are some illegal drugs?
heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and steroids
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what is a placebo?
a mock drug that has no effect on the patient. its used because some illnesses can be physiological
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what is meant by double blind testing?
neither patient or researcher know which tablet is the placebo or real drug
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how are new drugs tested?
first they are tested at a lab, then they are trialled on human volunteers to discover any side effects, and then they are tested on people who have the illness
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what does addiction mean?


you do something and cant stop doing it

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what is withdrawal symptoms?


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what is a gateway drug?


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what is medicinal drugs?


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