Drug effects on smooth muscle

What is smooth muscle in the bladder called?
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What is smooth muscle in the uterus called?
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What smooth muscle controls erection and ***********?
VAs deferens and corpus cavernsoum.
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Acting on myosin to prevent/cause constriction of sm
MYosin phosphatase dephosphorylates myosin to prevent contraction, Inhibit by agonist via rho kinase for promoted contraction. activate by NO via cGMP to promote relaxation. desensitises myosin to Ca
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What are the use of vasodilators?
hypertension-high BP. dilate vessels and reduce TPR. Stable angina pectoris-when blood flow to heart during exercise not enough. dilate both venous and artery to reduce preload and afterload and cardia work.
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continued answer.
Variant angina-blood flow at rest is insufficient.arteriole dilation prevents this.
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How is sm dilated?
Mainly by NO from endothelial cells. promoted by blood flow and causes relaxation, metabolites and hormones can act on endothelium to release NO.
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What do ace inhibitors do?
Angiotensin 2 causes muscle constriction. ACE inhibitors prevent productiong of AG2 and ARBs block AT1 receptors preventing ag2 effects.
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How to inhibit constriction of arterioles by agonist by blocking voltage-gated Ca2+ channels
1. Amlodipine - on blood vessels. 2.Verapamil - on vascular and heart Both used to treat hypertension and angina.
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Treat sudden and extreme hypertension/angina
Minoxidil binds to K+ channels and closes them --. hyperpolarisation and vasodilation 2. Nicorandil - activates GTP-cGMP and K+ channels close used to treat angina
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How do organic nitrates eg glycerol trinitrate help?
Act as NO donors to relax veins more than arteries and to treat angina
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Erectile dysfunction drugs
In erection corpus vaernosum fills with blood and causes erection. NO causes vasodilation relaxation and allows for an erection (PNS ACh release) Sildenafil prevents PDE5 which cause cGMP breakdown so increase conc and increase relaxation. help erec
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How do we chose when to urinate?
sm in bladder SNS relaxes when not urinating. Urethra constricted to prevent urine out. PNS ACh contracts bladder and NO relaxes urethra. Somatic(motor) input is our own control of ACh released constricts urethral sphincter when we don't want to uri
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What is urinary incontinence?
Overactivity in bladder so in contracts too much. Muscarinic anatgonists mainly used. (oxybutynin) block PNS function. B3 receptor agonist if doesn't work or bo-tox. Ach release over long period for inhibition.
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Pulmonary hypertension
As pressure increases, increase burden on right heart. Caused by lungs not releaseing enough NO or too much endothelin(vasoconstrictor). Treatments - sildenafil(pDE-5 inhibitor) Ileprost or ambrisentan(endothelin receptor antagonist)
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What is smooth muscle in the uterus called?



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What smooth muscle controls erection and ***********?


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Acting on myosin to prevent/cause constriction of sm


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What are the use of vasodilators?


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