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Check the brakes are working before a journey
Shouldnt feel soft or slack, the vehicle should not pull to one side when setting off
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Direction indicators are working
Press the hazard lights
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Check how the brake lights are working
Ask instructor to get out or use the reflection and apply the brakes
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Power assisted steering is working
Apply gentle pressure on the wheel when the car is turned on and the wheel should move slightly. When setting off the wheel should be able to move completely.
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Tyre pressure information and how they can be checked
Should be found in the manufactures guide and they can be tested when the tyres are cold by using a reliable pressure gauge - check the spare tyre too
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Check the parking break for excessive wear
Apply the foot brake and then pull the hand brake up
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Windscreen washer
Far right - blue cap
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Engine oil
Centre - drawing of oil can - use the dipstick, make sure it is clean and that the oil level is between the max and min
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Engine coolant
Biggest part - top left
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Brake fluid
Smaller - above the engine coolant - top left
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Head restraint is correct
The rigid part of the head rest is in line with the ears/eyes and that it is comfortable distance
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Sufficent treat depth and condition of the tyres
There should be 1.6mm tread depth across the central 3/4 breadth of the tyre around the entire circumfrance and that there are no cuts or bulges
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Honk horn
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Clean windscreen
Press inwards
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Demister controls and clear all the windows
Adjust the fan and temperature to cold, set upwards and click the back one too
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Switch on the rear fog lights
The button - you use them when the visibility is less than 100m
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Problem with antilocking
It would light up on the dash board
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Switch from dipped to main beam
There would be a warning light
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Direction indicators are working


Press the hazard lights

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Check how the brake lights are working


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Power assisted steering is working


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Tyre pressure information and how they can be checked


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