Dr Faustus Quotes

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Swollen with cunning, of a...
self conceit
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His waxen wings did...
mount above his reach
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glutted more with learning's...
golden gifts
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He surfeits upon...
cursed necromancy
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Necromantic books are...
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Of power, of honour, of...
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A sound magician is...
a mighty god
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Lord and commander of...
these elements
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How am I glutted with...
conceit of this!
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Pleasant fruits and...
princely delicates
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Tis magic, magic that...
hath ravished me
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Now Faustus, what would'st...
thou have me do?
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I am servant to...
great Lucifer
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O, by aspiring...
pride and insolence
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Why this is hell, nor...
am I out of it
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Tasted the...
eternal joys of heaven
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My soul to the devil for...
a shoulder of mutton
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Baliol and...
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Away with such...
vain fancies
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Despair in God, and...
trust in Belzebub
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Abjure this magic, turn...
to God again
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Sweet Faustus, think of...
heaven, and heavenly things
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No Faustus, think of...
honour and of wealth
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What God can...
hurt thee, Faustus?
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Stab thine arm...
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Be thou as great as...
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My blood congeals and...
I can write no more
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I'll fetch him somewhat to...
delight his mind
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First will I question with thee...
about hell
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All places shall be hell that is...
not heaven
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For I am damned, and am now...
in hell
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Fetch me one, for I will...
have one
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Dance at my pleasure...
stark naked before me
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Curse thee, wicked ____________
Curse thee, wicked Mephastophilis
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Ay, but Faustus...
shall never repent
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Faustus, thou art _______!
Faustus, thou art damned!
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My heart's so hardened I cannot _______
My heart's so hardened I cannot repent
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Never too late, if...
Faustus can repent
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Ah, Christ, my...
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Did mount himself to...
scale Olympus' top
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I see thou hast a wife that not only gives thee horns...
but makes thee wear them!
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What art thou, Faustus, but...
a man condemned to die?
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Damned art thou Faustus...
damned; despair and die!
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Accursed Faustus, where is...
mercy now?
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I do repent, and yet...
I do despair
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To glut the longing...
of my heart's desire
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Sweet Helen, make me immortal...
with a kiss
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For heaven be in...
these lips
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A surfeit of deadly sin that hath...
damned both body and soul
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The serpent that tempted Eve may...
be saved, but not Faustus
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heaven, the seat of God, the throne of the...
blessed, the kingdom of joy
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O spare me, ______!
O spare me, Lucifer
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mount above his reach


His waxen wings did...

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golden gifts


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cursed necromancy


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