Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde quotes

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'...like a district of some city in a nightmare'
Narrator, Ch4
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'...showed him a dingy street, a gin palace...'
Narrator, Ch4
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'so that the shop fronts stood...with an air of invitation like rows of smiling saleswomen'
Narrator, Ch1
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'a great air of wealth and comfort'
Narrator, Ch2
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'The court was...full of premature twilight, although the sky...was still bright with sunset'
Narrator, Ch7
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'wild, cold, seasonable night...with a pale moon lying on her back'
Narrator, Ch8
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'dark like the back end of evening'
Narrator, Ch4
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'He must be deformed somewhere...although I couldn't specify the point'
Enfield, Ch1 - of Hyde
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'Mr Hyde was pale and dwarfish, he gave an impression of deformity'
Utterson, Ch2 - of Hyde
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'a disgustful curiosity'
Lanyon, Ch9 - of Hyde
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'That child of hell'
Jekyll, Ch10 - of Hyde
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'Hardly human...something troglodytic'
Utterson, Ch2 - of Hyde
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'I felt younger, lighter, happier...tenfold more wicked'
Jekyll, Ch10 - of Hyde
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'He had an approved tolerance for others'
Narrator, Ch1 - of Utterson
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'professional honour and faith...were stringent obligations'
Narrator, Ch6 - of Utterson
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'weeping like a woman or a lost soul'
Poole, Ch8 - of Jekyll/Hyde
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'hearty, healthy, dapper, red-faced'
Utterson, Ch2 - of Lanyon
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'Where Utterson was liked he was liked well'
Narrator, Ch3 - of Utterson
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'He had his death warrant written legibly upon his face'
Utterson, Ch6
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'my mind submerged in terror'
Lanyon, Ch9
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'...creature stealing like a thief to Harry's bedside'
Utterson, Ch2
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'The moment I choose, I can be rid of Mr Hyde'
Jekyll, Ch3
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'Henry Jekyll forge for a murderer!'
Utterson, Ch5
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'abject terror and despair as froze the very blood of the two gentlemen below'
Narrator, Ch7
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'Man is not truly one, but truly two'
Jekyll, Ch10
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'evil was written broadly and plainly on the face of the other'
Jekyll, Ch10
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'...this side of the house; he mostly comes and goes by the laboratory'
Poole, Ch2
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'If I am chief or sinners, I am chief of sufferers also'
Jekyll, Ch6
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'Hyde...must have secrets of his own; black secrets'
Utterson, Ch2
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'I was thinking of my own character'
Jekyll, Ch5
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'plod in the public eye with a load of genial respectability'
Jekyll, Ch10
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'I concealed my pleasures'
Jekyll, Ch10
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'Henry Jekyll became too fanciful for me'
Lanyon, Ch2
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'apelike fury'
Narrator, Ch4
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'Unscientific balderdash'
Lanyon, Ch2
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'Satan's signature upon a face'
Utterson, Ch2
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'hellish, but inorganic'
Jekyll, Ch10
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