Dr Faustus - Key Quotations

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Till, swollen with cunning of a self conceit....
his waxen wings did mount above his reach
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Yet art thou still...
but Faustus and a man
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O what a world of profit and delight, of power, of hour, of omnipotence....
is promised to the studious artisan
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A sound magician....
is a demi god
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Shall I make spirits fetch me what I please, Resolve me of all ambiguities....
perform what desperate enterprise I will?
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And reign sole King...
of all our provinces.
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This night I'll conjure...
though I die therefor
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I see there's virtue in my heavenly words...
Who would not be proficient in this art?
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How pliant (easily manipulated) is this Mephostophilis....
full of obdience and humility
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I charge thee wait upon me whilst I live...
to do whatever Faustus shall command
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(M) I am a servant to great Lucifer...
and may not follow thee without his leave
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(F) How comes it then that he is the prince of devils?
(M) By aspiring pride and insolence, for which God threw his from the face of heaven.
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(M) Why this is hell....
nor am I out of it.
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Say he surrenders up to him his soul....
so will he spare him four and twenty years
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Letting him live in all voluptuousness....
having thee ever to attend on me
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To give me whatsoever I shall ask...
to tell me whatsoever I demand, to slay mine enemies and aid my friends.
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Had I as many souls as there be stars....
I'd give them all for Mephostophilis
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By him I'll be....
great emporer of the world.
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Despair in God, and trust in Beezlebub...
now go not backward; not Faustus be resolute.
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waver'st thou?
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(M) Then, Faustus, stab thy arm courageously....
bind thy soul, that at some certain day, Great Lucifer may claim it as his own.
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And then be thou...
as great as Lucifer.
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Mephostophilis, receive this scroll....
a deed of gift of body and of soul.
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Thinkst that Faustus is fond to imagine that after this life...
there is any pain? No, these are trifles and mere old wives' tales.
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Here's a hot whore indeed!
No, I'll no wife.
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Thanks, Mephostophilis...
yet fain would I have a book.
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Nay, let me have....
one book more
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Why should I die, then, or basely despair?
I am resolved, Faustus shall not repent.
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Come Mephostophilis, let us dispute again....
and reason of divine astrology.
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Now tell me who made the world. (M) I will not...
Sweet Mephostophilis, tell me. (M) Move me not, Faustus.
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Faustus' name, whilst this bright frame doth stand...
may be admired through the furthest land
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What art thou, Faustus, but a man condemn'd to die?
Thy fatal time draws to an end; Despair does drive distrust into my thoughts.
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Hell strives with grace...
for conquest in my breast.
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Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss...
Her lips **** forth her soul: shee where it flies!
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(M) How should be but in desperate lunancy?
Fond worldling, now his heart-blood dries with grief
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His conscience kills it, an his labouring brain...
begets a world of idle fantasies.. to overreach the devil; but all in vain.
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Stand still, you ever moving spheres of heaven....
that time may cease, and midnight never come.
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but Faustus and a man


Yet art thou still...

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is promised to the studious artisan


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is a demi god


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perform what desperate enterprise I will?


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