Domestic Violence

hope this helps with remembering sociologist names for domestic violence views.

1. Who suggested that one reason for domestic violence is when men believe that women are not doing their domestic roles correctly

  • N.Hart
  • Wilkinson
  • Gittens
  • Dobash and Dobash
  • Beck and Beck
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2. who suggested that not all people are at risk of domestic violence but it is more common in places of stress class inequality and hardship.

  • Murdock
  • Parsons
  • Davidson
  • Wilkinson and Mirrless black
  • Dobash and Dobash

3. Who opposes the marxist/radcial femanists view that Domestic violence is widespread and is used by men to control women and that men benefit from this assult.

  • Davidson
  • Mirrless black
  • Giddens
  • Fletcher
  • Dobash and Dobash

4. Did Davidson argue that men dont all approve of domestic assult and many dont benefit from this

  • True
  • False

5. what is a critisism of Wilkinson and Mirrless black

  • Dont state why women are more likely to be sunjected to domestic violence than men.
  • dont state why domestic violence occures
  • dont mention patterns of domestic violence


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Great Quiz 10/10

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