Doctor Faustus quotes

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His waxen...
wings did mount above his reach
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He surfeits...
upon cursed necromancy
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These metaphysics...
of magicians/ And necromantic books are heavenly!
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The reward...
of sin is death. That's hard.
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A sound...
magician is a mighty god
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Tis magic,...
magic that hath ravished me
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If learned...
Faustus will be resolute
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I fear...
he is fall'n into that damned art
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let us...
go and inform the Rector, and see if he...can reclaim him
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fear not...
Faustus but be resolute
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no more...
than he commands we must perform
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When we hear...
one rack the name of God...we fly in hope to get his glorious soul
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Unhappy spirits...
that fell with Lucifer, Conspired against our God with Lucifer, And are forever damned with Lucifer
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Why, this...
is hell, nor am I out of it
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Oh Faustus...
leave these frivolous demands
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Had I as...
many souls as there be stars/ I'd give them all for Mephistopheles
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My blood...
congeals and I can write no more
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for where...
we are is hell, And where hell is must we ever be
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I think hell's a fable
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these are trifles and mere old wives' tales
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How? Now in...
hell? Nay, an this be hell, i'll willingly be damned here
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I prithee...
Faustus talk not of a wive
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When I...
behold the heavens, then I repent And curse thee, wicked Mephistopheles
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I will...
renounce this magic and repent
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My heart's...
so hardened I cannot repent
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go, accursed...
spirit, to ugly hell! Is't not too late?
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Faustus vows...
never to look to heaven
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His fame...
spread forth in every land
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They admired...
and wondered at his wit
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time doth...
run with calm and silent foot, Short'ning my days and thread of vital life
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Damned art...
thou, Faustus, damned! Despair and die!
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Her lips...
**** forth my soul
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now I...
die eternally
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I would...
lift up my hands, but see, they hold them, they hold them
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The date...
has expired, the time will come, and he will fetch me
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O i'll...
leap up to my God! Who pulls me down?
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my God...
look not so fierce on me!
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To practice...
more than heavenly power permits
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He surfeits...


upon cursed necromancy

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These metaphysics...


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The reward...


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A sound...


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A fun resource to use for group revision when you know the text well; once you have completed the quote you can enhance the resource by identifying the context of the quote and considering how you would analyse it from a language and structure point of view.

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