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Melting heavens...
conspired his overthrow
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His waxen wings...
did mount above his reach
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Falling to a...
devilish exercise
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Fill the public...
schools with silk
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Now he is born...
his parents base of stock
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Search all corners...
of the new found world
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Spirits fetch...
me what I please
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Wall Germany...
with Brass
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Read no more...
thou hast attained the end
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Who aims at nothing...
but eternal trash
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The reward of sin...
is death? That's hard.
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Necromantic books...
are heavenly
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A sound magician...
is a mighty God
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Hast thou any comings in?
Ay, and goings out too!
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Come, what dost thou want with that...
same book? Thou canst not read!
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Hush, I'll gull...
him supernaturally
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From Constantinople am I hither come...
only for the pleasure of these damned slaves
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Blood alone must...
wash away the guilt
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Call for mercy...
and avoid despair
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Tears falling...
from repentant heaviness
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Thy should exclud'st...
the grace of heaven
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I am content to...
do whatsoever your majesty shall command me
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I must confess...
myself inferior
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Chariot pulled...
by dragons up Mount Olympus
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God's heavenly wrath...
upon thy head
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Never too late...
if Faustus can repent
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Be thou on earth...
as Jove is in the sky
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Ay, but Faustus never...
shall repent
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Thou art a spirit...
God can not pity thee
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I gave them my...
soul for my cunning
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I'll burn...
my books
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Such is the force of...
magic and my spells
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Cut is the branch...
that might have grown full straight
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O what will I not do...
to obtain his soul
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As I have as many souls...
as there be stars I'd give them all for Mephistopheles
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Sweet Helen, make me...
immortal with a kiss
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Come Helen, give...
me my soul again
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Come, I think hell's...
a fable
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Faustus vows...
never to look to heaven
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My God, my God...
look not so fierce on me
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A year, a month, a week...
a natural day, that Faustus may repent and save his soul
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The devil will come...
and Faustus must be damned
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By him I'll be...
great emperor of the world
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This word damnation...
terrifies him not
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Return an old Franciscan friar...
that holy shape becomes a devil best
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What good will my soul do they Lord?
Enlarge his kingdom
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Cursed by he that took...
away the holiness' wine
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I am Pride...
I disdain to have any parents
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The first letter of my name...
begins with Lechery
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O might I see hell and return...
again, how happy were I then
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O I am slain...
help me my lords
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Two such cardinals, ne'er served a...
holy pope as we should do
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The Pope shall curse...
that Faustus came to Rome
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Strike with a willing hand...
his head is off
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For four-and-twenty years...
to breath on earth
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Faustus we come to thee...
bringing with us everlasting damnation
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If thou repent devils...
shall tear thee to pieces
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Helen of Greece...
the most admirable lady that ever lived
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These are no spirits but the...
two substantial bodies of those deceased princes
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Thou shalt see ten...
thousand tortures that more horrid be
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Why this is hell...
nor am I out of it
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Tut Faustus, in hell is...
all manners of delight
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Give the more than...
thou hast wit to ask
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Curse Lucifer that hath deprived thee...
of everlasting bliss
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Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits...
to practice more than heavenly power permits
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