Doctor Faustus Quotations

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"His waxen..."
"wings did mount above his reach."
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"Hast thou..."
"Not attained that end?"
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"A pretty..."
paltry legacies!"
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"Too servile..."
"and illiberal for me."
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"The reward..."
"of sin is death. That's hard."
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"Thou art..."
"too ugly to attend on me."
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"No, I came..."
"hither of mine own accord."
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"I'll have them..."
"fill the public schools with silk."
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"Chase the..."
"prince of Parma from our land."
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"Had I as many..."
"souls as there be stars, I'd give them all for Mephistopheles."
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"O, what will..."
"I not do to obtain his soul?"
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"It is not..."
"in my ability."
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"And melting..."
"heavens conspired his overthrow."
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"Those that Faustus..."
"most desires...power, of honor, of omnipotence."
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"A sound..."
"Magician is a mighty God."
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"Try thy brains..."
"To gain a deity."
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"The shortest cut..."
"For conjuring is stoutly to abjure the Trinity."
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"[To Beelzebub]..."
"i'll build an altar and a church."
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"What art thou..."
"Faustus, but a man condemned to die?"
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"Thy fatal..."
"Time doth draw to fatal end."
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"Despair doth..."
"drive distrust unto my thought. Confound these passions with a quiet sleep."
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"Here will I..."
"dwell, for heaven be in these lips."
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"Mountains and hills..."
"Come, come and fall on me, and hide me from the heavy wrath of God."
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"and this is the man..."
"that in his study sits."
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"Sweet Faustus,..."
"think of heaven and heavenly things."
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"No Faustus,..."
"think of honor and wealth."
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"Bell, book..."
"and candle, candle, book, and bell, forward and backward to curse Faustus to hell."
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"Faustus hits..."
"[The Pope] with a box of the ear."
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"But Mercy, Faustus..."
"of thy savior sweet, whole blood alone must wash away thy guilt."
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"His faith..."
"is great, I cannot touch his soul."
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"The clock..."
"strikes eleven."
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"The clock striketh..."
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"All places..."
"shall be hell that is not heaven."
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"Her lips..."
"**** forth my soul. See where is flies!"
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"Remember, God's..."
"mercies are infinite."
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"O, would I have..."
"never seen Wittenberg, never read book!"
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"I'll burn..."
"my books. Ah, Mephistopheles!"
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"Cut is the..."
"Branch that might have grown full straight."
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"Whose deepness..."
"Doth entice such forward wits to practice more than heavenly power permits."
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"Hast thou..."


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"A pretty..."


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