Do you work Saturdays? - ¿Trabajas los sábados? - KEY WORDS - Spanish

Spanish GCSE - Unit 5 - Los trabajos

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How much do you earn?
¿Cuánto ganas?
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I earn... an hour
Gano... a la hora
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I earn a lot
Gano mucho
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I earn a little
Gano poco
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It is well paid
Está bien pagado
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It is badly paid
Está mal pagado
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Where do you work?
¿En qué trabajas?
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I'm a babysitter
Hago de canguro
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I wash cars
Lavo coches
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I cut the grass
Corto el césped
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I deliver newspapaers
Reparto periódicos
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I work as a waiter/waiteress
Trabajo como camarero/a
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I work as a shop assistant
Trabajo como dependiente/a
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I work as a gardener
Trabajo como jardinero/a
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I work as a lifeguard
Trabajo como socorrista
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I have to...
Tengo que...
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catch the bus
coger el autobús
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tell stories
contar historias
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look after children
cuidar a niños
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dress well
ir bien vestido/a
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get up early
levantarme temprano
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be nice
ser amable
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be on time
ser puntual
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serve food
servir comida
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sell shoes/clothes
vender zapatos/ropa
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serve people
servir a la gente
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wash the dishes
lavar los platos
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help people
ayudar a la gente
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Card 2


Gano... a la hora


I earn... an hour

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Gano mucho


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Gano poco


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Está bien pagado


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