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2. What is an allele?

  • a version of a gene
  • the protein DNA is associated with in eukaryotic cells
  • sequences within a gene that code for an amino acid
  • the full range of proteins that a cell can produce

3. What does universal mean?

  • codons can all code for all amino acids
  • there are the same amount of homologous pairs in all organisms
  • nearly all organisms have codons that code for the same amino acids
  • amino acids are coded for by more than one codon

4. What is a genome?

  • full set of genes in a cell
  • full set of proteins a cell can produce
  • a sequence of 3 DNA bases
  • a base sequence that codes for an amino acid or functional RNA

5. What is DNA associated with in eukaryotic organisms

  • Protein Histones
  • tRNA
  • Glucose
  • pre mRNA


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