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2. Where are chromosomes found in most cells?

  • cell membrane
  • nucleous
  • cell wall
  • red bood cell

3. What does DNA stand for?

  • deoxyribonucleic alkali
  • deoxyribonucleic acid
  • deoxygenucleic acid

4. How many chromosomes are there in a human?

  • 46 chromosomes
  • 24 chromosomes
  • 23 chromosomes
  • 22 chromosomes
  • 12 chromosomes

5. what kind of information.does DNA carry?

  • egg
  • genetic
  • sperm
  • genes



A popular quiz on DNA and reproduction which would be useful for students studying many different GCSE specifications. Combine this with a set of flashcards to ensure you have learnt all the key terms.

Natalie Cave

i think that this is great but you could show which are the right answers if you get the questions wrong

Kristian Dominic Palmer

It's great for revising for exams. I don't like revising but on this website I like it because it is competitive to see how fast you are at answering them and getting 100%.


you spelt nucleus wrong


sick q&a

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