Disease Dilemmas

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1. How might climate change impact vector-borne diseases?

  • More areas will be suitable for vector-borne disease so the number of cases will increase
  • Less areas will be suitable for vectors so numbers will decrease
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2. Which of these is NOT a type of disease diffusion?

  • contagious
  • hierarchical
  • expansion
  • airborne
  • relocation

3. How has WHO helped to mitigate against HIV/AIDS in Kenya?

  • Free barrier methods of contraception
  • Education of high risk groups, free condoms, HIV clinics for testing & treatment for potential exposure
  • Mass vaccination programmes

4. Which of these is the final stage of Hagerstrand's model?

  • diffusion stage
  • condensing stage
  • Saturation stage
  • primary stage

5. What is the grassroots strategies case study?

  • Cancer in the UK
  • Guinea-worm in Ghana
  • Malaria in Ethiopia
  • Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo


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