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"The greatestt discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you find your self, you will always be someone else" -Myles Munroe
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Key words
Unpreictatble, ongoing, development of emotional and spiritual character
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Mending wall's paragraph 1
Using nature as a vehicle for understanding, the pragmatic farmer and the persona are brought together in there paring of the wall
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Outline technique 1 in Mending wall
Through the metaphor "good fences make good neighbours", the wall is a metaphor for human separation and and isolation
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What does technique 1 in mending wall promt
He prompts the reader to gain an unexpected renewed perspective as part of a ongoing transformative discovery, where traditions are questioned as neither men knew if they were "walling in or walling out"
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How does Frost create conflict in mending wall
Frost creates conflict through the symbolic reluctance of the neighbour to sicker a deeper connection "we keep the wall between us"
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Fire and Ice intro
Its wistful though brief contemplation of the persona’s discoveries convincingly demonstrates the manner in which discoveries can affect out attitudes towards the world
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F and I tec 1
. Frost uses the dichotomized symbols of ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ to represent opposing sides of the human psyche, The poem’s detached, sarcastic tone hints at the hardship undergone by the persona as a result of ‘desire’ and ‘hate’
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F and i tec 2
Similarly, the apathetic conclusion, ‘Ice is also great and would suffice’, juxtaposes with the poem’s apocalyptic context, as the persona seems unaffected by the thought of his own demise
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Unbrockenl intro
In a similar manner, "untrovken by Laura Hillenbrand allows a certain sense of abuigiyuy to be stabled contributing to the unpredictability of the discovery process.
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Hillenbrand tec 1
Hillenbrand uses extensive emotive language to enable the reader to discover man's inner heart of darkness In the line "to be deprived of self respect is to be cast bellow mankind" Hillenbrand equates syntactically the loss o compassion by the guards
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Hillenbrand tec 2
In a dispassionate irony, Hillenbrand writes "this is to be the place of our execution" highlighting the emotive negative ramifications of discovery
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Hill tea 3
The simile "stretched over the roof like a contented cat" allows the reader to contemplate that the POW guards have passively adopted their roles as torturers.
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Syntax paragraph 1
Discovery offers the opportunity to alter perspectives. Mw and f and i portray the process of discovery ahat has resulted from their perspective persona's observation of the world around them
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Syntax paragraph 2
Further, unbroken carries the same notion, exploring the confronting reality that the American POWS were in.
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Syntax para 3
Through the fabric tetrameters used in f and i, Frost creates a sing song like quality and a sense of happiness which is contrasted against the solemn nature of the poem
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Syntax para 4
Moreover, the iambic pentameter of no strict rhyme pattern is Frosts move away from the known traditional poem form to question the ability of traditional forms to allow abstract discoveries to occur.
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Key words


Unpreictatble, ongoing, development of emotional and spiritual character

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Mending wall's paragraph 1


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Outline technique 1 in Mending wall


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What does technique 1 in mending wall promt


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