Direct effect

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1. What is the test for direct effect?

  • Clear & unambiguous, unconditional, not dependent on further action
  • Does this apply to individuals?
  • Well written, certain, independent
  • Clear, conditional, needs further actions
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2. Which case is example of unimplemented directives?

  • Dafrenne v SABENA
  • Dori
  • Marshall
  • Ratti

3. Where does the doctrine of Direct Effect come from?

  • Academics
  • Treaties
  • Judge-made
  • Member States

4. Why did the CJEU make this exception for directives?

  • To **** off MS
  • Because it made sense in that case
  • To not compromise their effet utile
  • To make them easier to use

5. Which case is an example of how the CJEU has changed the problem of horizontal direct effect in directives?

  • Van Duyn
  • CIA
  • Marshall
  • Ratti


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