Digital Devices

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Uses of Digital Devices
Leisure - music, games, photos and videos, social networking, streaming, reading. Travel - Find routes, geotag
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Factors to Consider when Choosing Devices
User interface, battery life, security, storage capacity, compatibility, convenience, cost
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Common Features
Processor - controls functions of device. Internal Memory - stores program instructions, hard drives - stores large amounts of data - not used in portable devices because of moving parts
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Flash Memory
Ideal for portable devices - doesnt lose data when off, no moving parts, used to transfer data. Types - SD card, memory stick, micro SD
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Cloud Syncronisation
Store files on remote server. Download to one device and is automatically downloaded onto all devices
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A device is able to perform functions of another device. E.g. smart phones
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Security of Mobile Phones
Hide phones, set PIN, Record IMEI number - provider can block the phone using the number, restrict bluetooth use
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Personal Computers
Desktop - input and output peripherals, powerful, easy to upgrade. Laptop - battery powered, optical drives. Netbooks - strong and robust, SSD - fast boot up, designed for internet. Tablet - light and portable, touch screen, playing media, apps
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Take and view images and videos, crop and edit files, view files on TV using USB and HDMI, download files to computer, zoom in
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Digital and Optical Zoom
Digital - crops and enlarges image. Optical - moves lens away from sensor and closer to the subject bring light from the subject closer
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GPS Receiver
Geographical coordinates stored in metadata (small text file stored with each image giving details)
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Digital Rights Management
Stops you from copying audio or video files
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Advantages - saves time, uses less storage space. Disadvantages - cannot keep local copy for offline viewing, user experience is dependent on connection quality
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Games Consoles
Multi-player gaming, high resolution output, optical drive. Peripherals - controllers, headsets, webcam, motion sensors
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Games Consoles Effects on Behaviour
Aggression and decreases empathy, less brain activity in regions involving thinking an emotional control
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Satellite Navigations
Uses for drivers - check speed, traffic reports, find scenic routes of conveniences. Risks - taking eyes off road, blind spot, lead driver down hard to navigate roads or to the wrong destination. Pedestrians - find their way round cities
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Factors to Consider when Choosing Devices


User interface, battery life, security, storage capacity, compatibility, convenience, cost

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Common Features


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Flash Memory


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Cloud Syncronisation


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