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1. Chewing food in the mouth is a form of physical digestion. What is the other form?

  • The conversion of starch into maltose and then glucose
  • Water and minerals being absorbed into the blood by the large intestine
  • Squeezing food in the stomach
  • The liver making bile
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2. What are the benefits of a good blood supply in the small intestine?

  • Less bile is released
  • It allows good absorption of digested food into the blood.
  • Less water is lost
  • Food can be digested quicker

3. What is the word for breaking fat into smaller droplets?

  • Exrection
  • Emulsification
  • Egestion
  • Digestion

4. Where is bile stored?

  • In the gall bladder
  • In the liver
  • In the small intestine
  • In the pancreas

5. What is the function of the small intestine?

  • Where food is chewed
  • Where the food is churned and protease enzymes digest food
  • Where digested food is absorbed into the blood
  • Where enzymes are secreted


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