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2. Which school dinner sounds the unhealthiest?

  • Chips, Full fat cream with Cherry Tarts, and a banana slice.
  • Chicken Wrap with cress and lettuce, Crisps and and Apple.
  • Ham and Cheese Wrap, 2 Bananas, Chocolate bar.
  • Chips, Fruit Salad, and Green Salad.

3. One enzyme can only catalyse one reaction. Is this true?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe...
  • Not sure.

4. Finish the worded equation: Glucose + Oxygen > Water + ? + ?

  • Energy + Protein
  • Starch + Glucose
  • Carbon Dioxide + Energy
  • Oxygen + Glucose

5. How do you find Protein in a food?

  • You don't add anything. Protein is red, you can see it easily.
  • You add Biuret Solution to the crush food. If purple appears, there is protein.
  • You add Universal Indicator to the crushed food. If purple appears, then there is protein.
  • You add Sodium Hydroxide to the crushed food. If green appears, there is protein.


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