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2. One enzyme can only catalyse one reaction. Is this true?

  • Not sure.
  • Yes.
  • Maybe...
  • No.

3. What does your Large Intestine do?

  • Pumps Blood.
  • Absorbs Water.
  • Break down the food.
  • Releases Urine.

4. Which school dinner sounds the unhealthiest?

  • Chips, Fruit Salad, and Green Salad.
  • Chips, Full fat cream with Cherry Tarts, and a banana slice.
  • Ham and Cheese Wrap, 2 Bananas, Chocolate bar.
  • Chicken Wrap with cress and lettuce, Crisps and and Apple.

5. What is the scientific term for "waste product's"

  • Urine and Poo.
  • Wee and Poo.
  • Urine and Faeces.
  • Faeces and Pee.


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