Different methods of Recruitment

A little quiz to test your knowledge on Recruitment within a business.

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1. What is the cheapest form of advertising a job role for a business?

  • Posters around the area
  • Radio advertisement
  • Putting an ad in the local newspaper
  • Door-to-door leaflets
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2. What is one disadvantage of external recruitment?

  • Training has to be sorted out to give to the new employee once employed
  • The time consumption of searching through CVs
  • It takes a while for current employees to get used to a new employee
  • You don't know who you're employing into the business

3. What are the three methods of training within a business?

  • With the job, off the job, at the job
  • On the job, off the job, reduction training
  • On the job, off the job, induction training
  • At the job, on the job, induction training

4. Induction training isn't necessarily needed within the business

  • False
  • True

5. What is one reason a business might recruit?

  • A change is required for the business
  • The owner is tired of all the workers currently employed
  • To cover for someone who has left
  • Less work is being completed



I hope this is useful to all users. Enjoy! And keep attempting to beat your times, practice makes perfect!


I disagree with Q9 - its True that induction isn't necessarily required, but it is good business practice.

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