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1. What happens in digestion?

  • food is stored inside the body until it is needed
  • soluble food substances are made into insoluble ones
  • insoluble food substances are broken up into soluble ones
  • waste food is removed from the body
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2. What is used to test a food for starch?

  • benedict's solution
  • fehling's solution
  • iodine solution
  • potatoes

3. Which is a food substance found in many foods?

  • chalk
  • energy
  • carbon dioxide
  • carbohydrate

4. What does the stomach organ do?

  • it takes the water out of the food
  • it stores waste food until it can be got rid of
  • it mixes up food with acid and breaks down proteins
  • it adds vitamin to the food

5. What job does an artery do?

  • carries blood to the brain only
  • carries blood away from the heart
  • carries water to be mixed with blood
  • carries blood to the heart


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